Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities


MBP Capital, Inc. focuses on purchasing larger multifamily properties in Texas and Colorado, primarily Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Denver and Colorado Springs and some of the smaller submarkets between and around these major markets.  We typically buy properties that are 200 units and greater, B or C class, and in A or B locations.  We currently own approximately 1,600 units in these markets and are poised to grow substantially; therefore, we are currently in a buying mode and hope to purchase at least another 1,500 units this year.

We bring passive investors together and have been successful at accomplishing multiple full cycle investments with returns ranging from 20% to 70%.  We are experts at locating good deals, raising the capital (we invest our own money in every deal we do), getting the deal closed, accomplishing major renovations & upgrades, increasing rents massively, reducing expenses, and thereby, increasing the property value dramatically while producing good cash flows throughout the process.       

If you have interest in learning more about any of the above current investment opportunities, please visit our Investor Management System.  The Investor Portal has full Accredited Investor Investment Opportunity Packages that will explain everything about the properties, our plan of action, budgets, cash flows, etc.      

You do have to be an Accredited Investor to qualify for any of our investments.  Please click here to review the SEC regulations regarding this topic.   Accredited Investor

Our typical hold periods are 2 to 5 years with annual returns on investment that have been historically ranging from 15% to more than 70%.  There are typically monthly distributions (except during the renovation process which is usually during the first 6 to 12 months).  Our investors are passive and have no personal liability.  The Key Principals (the sponsors - MBP) take on all liability.  We invest along side our investors and also earn a Promote.    

Want to learn more about how we did on previous Investments?  Check out our Investment Case Studies below.  In addition, you can review what some of our current investors have to say about their experience with MBP Capital, Inc.  Scroll down....



Investment Case Studies

MBP Capital, Inc. has had huge success.  Our annual Returns on Investment (IRR or Internal Rates of Return) for our clients has ranged from 15% to over 70%.  On this page, we have Case Studies that discuss multiple properties / investments that we have done recently including full explanations of the properties, our strategy for the property, our capital improvements, and how we were able to obtain these large returns.        LEARN MORE →

Investor Testimonials

Our Investors comment on their experience with MBP. TESTIMONIALS →

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