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History & Management Philosophy


Our History


Catalyst Multifamily was founded in 2007 to focus on the property and asset management of multifamily properties.  The Principals of Catalyst have been involved with the ownership of over 5,000 multifamily units and the management of over 25,000 B & C Class multifamily units in Colorado and Texas.   

The Principals of Catalyst Multifamily are currently involved in the ownership of approximately 1,500 multifamily units.  Sometimes, we invest alongside other real estate investors, and enter into joint ventures with other real estate investment companies. 

Catalyst Multifamily Management currently oversees the management of approximately 3,000 B and C Class multifamily units in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio Metroplexes.  Catalyst also serves as the construction manager for renovation projects and has overseen over $15,000,000 of renovations in the past 24 months. 

Our client centered approach and extreme success driven culture set Catalyst Multifamily Management and its team-members above the competition.  From strong accounting and reporting to strategic capital improvements, we treat every property as if it was our own.  We are intimately involved in every asset from:  feasibility studies, management take-over and operations, capital improvement planning and execution, strong accounting and reporting.  

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